Jongo Fever is a one-hour documentary film by Lili Fialho and Kátia Lund and will premiere at the Reimagine Rio Festival in Rio de Janeiro in August 2016.


Jongo da Serrinha is an important cultural and community organization, led by 94 year-old dancer Tia Maria in the favela of Serrinha. Tia Maria keeps the traditional African cultural music and dance of Jongo alive and flourishing. The Jongo da Serrinha organization trains the youth in the rhythms and dances of this beautiful expression.

The cultural group was founded in 2000 with the objective to preserve the rhythm jongo, a cultural inheritance of Africa from Congo/Angola that arrived in the coffee plantations in the south of Brazil in the times of slavery. In 2005, the Jongo was registered as an Immaterial Patrimony of the South-East of Brazil at the National Historic Patrimony Institute (IPHAN).

The Cultural Group Association Jongo da Serrinha had an important role in this milestone and also in the process of the articulation of actions to preserve this patrimony. Among other 18 groups, the Association belongs since 2007 to a network of Jongueiras communities of the region to create public policies for education, culture, work, environment, Jongo being the principal tool for social development.

Rise Up & Care is proud to announce a grant to provide more courses and activities for youth in their new and fantastic community center. 

Filming of the Jongo da Serrinha organization will take place in December 2015. Stay tuned for their inspiring story!