Guti & the Theater of Dreams is a powerful documentary by directors Lili Fialho and Kátia Lund.  The film will premiere at the Reimagine Rio Festival in August 2016!

The Nós do Morro Group was founded by actor Guti Fraga some 28 years ago. Guti was compelled to start the community arts organization after moving to a slum in Rio de Janeiro and falling in love with its people. He created the Campinho Show, a free activity encouraging the formation of community audience and launching new talents in different art forms such as music, dance, poetry and theatrical performances. 

Nós do Morro brings the community together, allowing them to release their minds of fear and stress of the daily struggle to survive, while giving children, youth and adults a safe and fun place to learn new skills, and express their individuality through creativity. Many of the youth learned to read and write through participating in Guti's arts program, not to mention finding their self-esteem, their voice and even a fulfilling career path in the arts and entertainment industry.


Check out Guti speaking about why he started Nós do Morro and why it is integral to the community of Vidigal in TEDx São Paulo. Click "CC" to turn on English subtitles!